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Corps54 brings women together to educate, engage and empower on issues that matter to us - uniting and amplifying our voices to create positive change.

Women are 54% of the population in Tennessee. We believe that nurturing and amplifying women's voices can shape our communities in positive ways for women and their families. 

Our areas of focus in 2021 include (but are not limited to) providing information on the state of healthcare in Tennessee specifically in areas that have suffered hospital closures or other issues, educating about Tennessee’s public schools with an emphasis on budget and funding for our public schools and bridging the urban/rural divide through communication and collaboration.



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The first goal of Corps 54 is to build statewide participation and support from women across Tennessee communities.  Building off of our first event at the Women's March, we'll host a series of summits, with opportunities for issue education, round table discussion and action steps to effect change in communities.


Each of our panel discussions will focus on one primary topic. Our members have spoken and healthcare and public education are the current leading concerns for women in Tennessee, as well as bridging the growing gap between rural and urban communities. 

We will focus our summit discussions around these issues in 2021.


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